Do I have to be an actor to attend the festival?

No. You just have to have a love for the theatre. 

Is this a family friendly festival?

We have something for everyone. Productions for children and adults. We even have late night events that are strictly for adults. 

How will I know if my work is accepted in the festival?

Once your work is reviewed you will receive correspondence as to whether it met criteria and was accepted. Time being a factor, we have to limit full productions.

What is the criteria for submission?

A WTFM “sanctioned” performance is a staged play/dance/comedy/solo act or musical performance presented during the festival time period (with one of the following criteria):

  • subject matter centered around a woman or women
  • directed by a woman
  • written by a woman

Who is responsible for casting accepted productions?

Each individual and company is responsible for casting they productions. We are not responsible for rehearsal space until the week of the festival. 

Who is responsible for sets? Props? Costumes?

Each individual is responsible for costumes and tangible props. We do ask that you keep in mind that many will perform in a space. We cannot accommodate non-mobile sets and set pieces for this reason.